1939 Iron Cross 1st Class For Sale

In fact, the medal is the most famous grade of the Iron Cross(*1). 1939 Iron Cross First Class 1939 Iron Cross First Class by the prestigious Knights Cross manufacturer Klein und Quenzer. 1939 Iron Cross First Class with rare green case and outer carton by Klein und Quenzer. We welcome visitors to our classic boat restoration shop and showroom. Damaged hinge on reverse. Product Information. Meaning of Iron Cross. Most of the boats in these listings are in our 10,000 square foot facility near Minneapolis, Mn. h022879 bar to the iron cross 1st class, 1939 "wilhelm deumer ". A 2nd class 1939 iron coss in the German issue marked paper bag will go for around $200. Add to cart. Issued for acts of bravery during WWII. Replica of German WWI Iron Cross 1st Class with 1939 Spange - The Clasp to the Iron Cross (Spange zum Eisernen Kreuz) was a metal medal clasp displayed on the uniforms of German Wehrmacht personnel who had been awarded the Iron Cross in World War I. (Iron Cross 1st Class, 1939) German Militaria